Business Bootcamp

One of the biggest traps of running your own business is working in the business rather than on it. As a health professional you spend so much time face to face with clients finding the time to work on the business can be a challenge. Come and spend two days with us working on your business. Walking away with a clear success blue print on how to grow and develop your business. 

PT Momentum

Develop a clear message on who you are, connect with more people and convert these people into clients. Clarity, connection and conversion is what this program will give you. Whether your a new trainer, own your own business or looking to take your business to the next level, the reality it if you can not generate enquiries you can not grow your business. This 6 week program is specifically designed to grow your business. Walking along side you we will help you increase the number of clients you see and help you develop a client generation machine, that you can turn on and off within your business.

Business Success Program

You now have clients- but do you have a business? This program is all about communication, community and cash flow, without these your business is not likely to last. Learn to communicate your passion to your target market, develop a community of raving fans who love you and refer to you. And develop an automated reliable cash flow that gives you the lifestyle you desire. This is not a workshop, it is a 12 week program where we journey with you giving you the tools to be a business owner and not just a self employed trainer

Personal Training Culture Club Program

This program is a specific program that is designed for the individual club, working together with your management team within the culture of your organisation we will help a line all your staff to move as one elite team

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