FACT: the average Personal Trainer last less than 12 months in the fitness industry and earns less than 11k per year- DON'T BE AVERAGE

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Pat develop a full time income training clients before he even finish his Certificate IV in Fitness
"Pat started working with us during his Certificate III and IV in Fitness, by applying our program during his course he was able to transition into the fitness industry full time by the end of his Certificate IV.... Replacing his full time income. He has since gone on to own his own studio"
Bec doubled her paid sessions in just 3 weeks
"In the first 3 weeks of the course double the number of paid sessions when was training, going on average she went from 15 session to 36 sessions per week! "

You will learn how to 

  • Win new business by delivering programs that gets results

  • Double the number of sessions by providing effective training programs

  • Increase your hourly rate, confidently charging what you’re worth    

  • Generator abundant leads using a step by step lead development system  

  • Establish a predictable and reliable referral program

  • Build a community which provide long term clients

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Up front:  795
Payment option 12 weekly payments of 79.50 
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On average graduates who follow our systems last more than 7 years in the fitness industry.......  

NEED more proof!

Jacqui doubled her income with only half the amount of contact hours 

"Jacqui started in the Fitness industry in 2002, working from her home studio. After applying our program in her studio, she doubled her income with only half the amount of client contact hours" 

James increase his income by 40% in just three weeks by applying the techniques taught in our program

"After the first weekend I develop programs for my clients rather than selling sessions, this allowed me to increase my sessional rate from $45 to $75 per session, and we automated the payments so now I never need to renew clients!"  

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Hear how double your clients in 90 days works!


90 days is enough time to apply and develop the skills required to grow your business, this way we can make a long term impact on your business- this is not just another weekend workshop where you never apply the concepts.

  • Five, face to face workshops

  • Client generator blue print

  • Weekly webinars 

  • Manuals and workbooks

  • Marketing templates 

  • Referral systems (that work)

  • Retention Programs for clients 

  • Business systems 

  • Sales scripts and tools 


Your investment
Up front:  795
Payment option 12 weekly payments of 79.50 
As a              MEMBER register before the 15th of June and save $200