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Would you like to generate more clients?

Would you like to generate a realible automated income? 

Would you like to create a profitable business?

Are you ready to develop a FIT and HEALTHY Business 
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NEXT Business Success
Next Program starts
Sunday 29th July 
Over the next 90 days we will work together to shape and design your business so that you will:




Register NOW for our 



Learn how our Business Success Program Works for you!


90 days creates enough time for you to apply and develop your skills in growing your business, so that we can make a long term impact on your business- this is not just a workshop.


Five, face to face workshops

Client generator blue print

Weekly webinars 

Manuals and workbooks

Marketing templates 

Referral systems (that work)

Retention Programs for clients 

Business systems 

Sales scripts and tools 


Workshop 1: Sunday 29th July 2018 10am - 4pm

Clarity: During this workshop we would focus on giving you more clarity 

What are you building 

What is your product or service 

Who is your perfect client 

Develop a clear and concise message for your business


Workshop 2: Sunday 25th August 2018 10am - 4pm

Connection: Being able to connect with your ideal clients is an essential skill to develop and grow your business. 

Learn how to connect with your clients more effectively 

Learn how to connect with your local community to create more enquiries 

Learn how help help connect peoples goals and needs to your service and products

Workshop 3: Sunday 8th September 2018 10am-4pm

Customer Service: Is people will not accept poor customer service, in fact poor customer service into todays competitive world will be the death of your business

Create great customer service so that you develop raving fans 

Create repeat business 

Create more referrals

Create programs not just a service  


Day 4:  Sunday 6th October  2018 10am-4pm

Community :  Building a community of raving fans will give you longevity in your business

Why you need to build a community 

Shaping your community of clients 

Grow your community 

Getting your community to build your business


Day 5: Sunday 20th October 2018 10am-4pm

Cash Flow: If you have wrong business model you will never make money, no matter how successful your business is. During this workshop we will look at your cash flow, and how your bottom line looks- or may how you would like it to look 

Create a positive cash flow 

Cash flow vs profit 

Creating an automate reliable income


Your investment
Up front:  795
Payment option 12 weekly payments of 79.50 
Register before the 25th of July for our early bird rate ----SAVE -----$200

On average our graduates who follow our systems last more than 7 years in the fitness industry.......  

Heres the proof!

"Jacqui started in the Health and Fitness industry in 2002, working from her home studio. After applying our program in her studio, she doubled her income with only half the amount of client contact hours" 

"Pat started working with us during his Certificate III and IV course, by applying our program during his course he was able to transition into the fitness industry full time by the end of his Certificate IV.... Replacing his full time income. He has since gone on to own his own studio"

"Tom worked with us during his course, where we refined the practical and technical skills of being a successful trainer. With the benefit of this strong foundation Tom has been able to develop a success PT business over the last 8yrs."