Health Business Program

Our 12month health business program allows us to walk with you for the next 12months, ensuring you plan, develop and implement the strategies to grow a fit and health business. The program is designed specifically for health and fitness professionals 


10 face to face business development workshops specifically target to help you grow and develop your business 

10 workshop series                                                            Valued $2970

Strategise, develop, succeed

Ten monthly business development workshops (3 hrs)


Take your training to a whole new level, learn how to design, grow, develop, implement and market your own obstacle course program. Whether for team building , leadership or obstacle course racing this program so awesome.                                                     Valued: 997

Team building , leadership, 

Obstacle Course Instructor Program (Full Day) 

back pain artie.jpg

Learning from Australia's leading exercise rehabilitation expert and internationally published author you will the learn the exercises and techniques required to help people prevent, reduce and even eliminate back pain for good                                    Valued: 497

Become a back pain expert

Stop Back Pain Workshop (4hrs)

Web Consultation

12 online business development workshops and accountability sessions specifically targeted to help you move your business forward 

10 workshop series                                                            Valued $497

Accountability and grow

12 monthly business development webinars (60mins)


12 monthly unbranded newsletter templates, specifically written for health and fitness clients. Articles, recipes, advice and much much more                                                                              Valued $120

Build your community

12 monthly client newsletter templates


PROGRAM and SAVE $1500

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Normally $5081

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