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FACT: the average Personal Trainer lasts less than 12 months in the fitness industry- DON'T BE AVERAGE


On average our graduates who follow our systems last more than 7 years in the fitness industry.......  

Heres the proof!

"Jacqui, started in the Fitness industry in 2002, working from her home studio. After applying our program in her studio, she doubled her income with only half the amount of client contact hours" 

"Pat, started working with us during his Certificate III and IV in fitness, by applying our program during his course he was able to transition into the fitness industry full time by the end of his Certificate IV.... Replacing his full time income. He has since gone on to own his own studio"

Tom, worked with us during his course, where we refined the practical and technical skills of being a successful trainer. With the benefit of this strong foundation Tom has been able to develop a successful PT business over the last 8yrs.


     Our program specialises in creating 

-  Stable and growing client base 

-  Sustainable income stream 

-  Longevity in the industry 

-  Opportunity to improve client's quality of life   

-  Opportunity to do what they love

To find out how this program can work for you - register for your 20min momentum session NOW








We guarantee you will walk away from this session with three critical actions you can use NOW to improve your business!

Can you afford not too?