Practical Essentials

Practical Essentials is a specifically designed for new personal trainers gain more hands on experience so that they feel like they are job ready. Whether your a new trainer, or just wanting to polish up your skills this works specifically with you to fine tune and hone your skills. 

Programming and Progressions

Writing and developing a program for your client to achieve their goals is an essential part of being a personal trainer. Furthermore, being able to progress a client from simple exercises to more complex functional movements is key to safely progressing your clients. This program gives you the skills to make programming easy, as well as offering your a step by step guide of exercise progressions...

Obstacle Course Instructor Training

Obstacle course races have become extremely popular in todays fitness world. Imagine having access to a 21 piece obstacle course where you take your clients. Run a fitness program with a difference, develop team building events and fun and exciting fitness programs with a difference.

Posture Coach

Your Posture is the window to your body, poor posture can often lead to a cascade of musculoskeletal imbalances. Lead how to apply correct exercise science techniques to improve and strength your clients posture.

Back Pain Prevention Program

7 out of 10 people suffer from back pain, this means as a personal trainer, every day you will deal with people who suffer from some level of back pain. Whether it be serve pain or just a back ache a personal trainer need to know how to shape a program to reduce this discomfort.

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